Tax Problem Resolution

Installment Agreements

The IRS offers several types of payment plans depending on your financial status and the amount you can pay.

Offer In Compromise

Have you heard about tax settlements for pennies on the dollar? Well that program with the IRS is a real one but it requires quite a bit of information and paperwork to determine if you are eligible. Let us help determine if we can reduce your total tax amount owed.


Did you try dealing with the IRS alone? Did you hire another company to represent you and now you are in the appeal process? We can help with appeals from audits, installment agreement rejections, and trust fund penalty assessments.

Currently Not Collectible Status

Do you have problems paying the IRS the agreed upon monthly amount? When you think of paying the IRS monthly does it put your budget negative? The IRS has a currently not collectible status that you might qualify for under certain conditions that make your tax debt uncollectable.

Injured Spouse

Did the IRS take your part of a refund for your spouse’s tax debt? We can help you get your portion of the refund that is due to you.

Innocent Spouse

If you believe that your spouse or ex-spouse is solely responsible for the taxes owed we can help you receive your refund and remove the tax debt from your name.

Levy Release

A levy on your bank account can cause severe hardship and we understand the difficult problems this can cause. We can work with you and the IRS to release your bank accounts and grant you access to your hard earned money.

Lien Release

The IRS allow for liens on property to be released when we can prove it’s in their best interest.

Payroll Taxes

Owning a business requires you to make tough decisions; there are times when it’s either pay payroll taxes or keep the electricity running. We understand those choices and can help get your business back on track.

Penalty Abatement

The IRS is not completely heartless, in certain situations they will remove penalties from your tax liability which can significantly lower your debt.

State Taxes

State agencies can be more difficult and less understanding than the IRS. We have experience dealing with state agencies and know what they expect to get results.

Tax Debt Forgiveness

Does it seem as though you have had your tax debt for over 10 years? Let us determine if you are eligible for forgiveness of all or some of your debt.

Wage Garnishments

Sticking with a budget is hard enough without the IRS taking the money you need to pay your bills. We can help get your garnishment released, hopefully before your next payday.

"To tax and to please, no more than to love and to be wise, is not given to men."

– Edmund Burke

Brett & Christine Ohlen
Brett & Christine Ohlen

Brett & Christine Ohlen

Both Brett & Christine are Enrolled Agents licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and every state.

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