"It's not often when you actually look forward to getting your taxes done. From the first contact with the office staff scheduling appointments and answering questions to the specialized one-on-one expert tax preparation received I couldn't be happier or more confident in Advocate Tax WW. I walk out of my appointment with my taxes fully completed, a copy for my records and a full understanding of how and why my taxes were completed the way they were. Christine truly understands taxes and cares enough to learn about me and my business to make sure everything is accurately reported in the best way possible. I don't ever feel like just another client but honestly like a dear friend in their presence."   – Laura

"I was completely blown away by the help I received from Advocate Tax WW; from the moment I contacted them, till our first (and hopefully not last) meeting I was astonished at the hospitality and sense of family I was welcomed with. They were VERY quick to answer my questions and provide valuable insight, even about the more specific questions. They are clearly very knowledgeable, and I'd have no doubt that they wouldn't do their absolute best to solve yours or my needs."   – Terrance Lopez

"Christine was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I really appreciated her calm, caring, and humorous personality. My wife and I went in for help after I realized that our taxes had just become too complicated for me to do safely. I was also not confident that I was using the best practices that would reduce our tax burden. She took the time to explain everything that she was doing and we ended up getting a refund even though I had thought that we would be writing a check to the IRS. This being said, the really special thing about her is her people skills. She could easily be a therapist with her great balance of empathy and critical thinking skills."   – Ian I.

"Christine was super helpful and a joy to work with. I used turbo tax in previous years, but Christine made the ordeal far less stressful and far less time consuming. I would definitely recommend her service."   – Travis G.

"Christine was very helpful and informative with the situation I had for my 2014 tax year filing. Very compassionate to the situation and explained in detail what the process was. She was also respectful of my time and offered her time as mine."   – Mike M.

"Super nice and friendly. Helped me out in last minute and did a great job. Thank you!"   – Daniel M.

"She did a great job, Christine was a great people person. Made us feel very good the whole time we were there."   – Phillip M.

"I did my research before hiring Christine & Brett to take care of our C Corp tax returns. I got quotes from 10 different firms and individuals, and spoke with several of them and couldn't be happier with the choice I made. They were not the cheapest quote I received but kept it very affordable. Both Brett and Christine are fun to talk to and you can tell they really do care about their clients."   – Tyler C.

"Is tax preparation supposed to be fun? Christine and I managed to get through my 2014 taxes and had some good laughs along the way. Most importantly, she is so knowledgeable and was able to make recommendations as to where I could save money, reducing my tax debt significantly. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Seriously, no reason to even think about going to one of the "usual" tax preparers, Christine will simply rock your tax prep like no one else can!"   – Denise M.

"This is the first time I had gone to have someone do my taxes, since this year was complicated. Christine was very nice and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend her and use her again."   – Robert R.

"Christine and Brett went above and beyond expectations."   – Dave A.

"I am very pleased with the service I received and the value for what I paid. They were friendly, down to earth, treated me with respect and tried to make the tax return process as painless as possible. I would highly suggest you call them and engage their services."   – Nicolette M.

"Christine Ohlen was very professional and at the same time made the experience of sorting through documents and finally being able to file a very positive experience. She helped me to prepare for anticipated taxes for next year and educated me in areas of tax preparation that were new to me. I will most definitely return to Christine for next years tax preparation. She was outstanding!"   – Mary W.

"Christine and Brett answered all of my questions and provided solutions and guidance on my new start up."   – Bhaskar R.

"Christine is very knowledgeable and professional, but not stuffy. She connected well with our personalities and was able to help us better understand critical factors we must consider to ensure our business is successful. We are really excited to get started working with her!"   – Bridgette C.

"They filed our taxes for us this year, which included a large student loan forgiveness debt due to disability. Because we ended up owing money due to the debt forgiveness, they have helped us to work through the process of making an offer to the IRS that we can afford."   – Jason G.

"Responsive, sensitive and articulate. Christine was well informed of the potential risks for my tax situation and addressed them thoroughly."   – Wayne L.

"Christine was excellent in her advice, fast with assemby of the proper paperwork, and super friendly! I am now up to date on my tax return filings and a have huge burden lifted from my shoulders. I highly recommend speaking with Advocate Tax Worldwide when considering your tax related needs."   – Casey E.

"Taxation with representation ain't so hot either."

– Gerald Barzan, humorist

Brett & Christine Ohlen
Brett & Christine Ohlen

Brett & Christine Ohlen

Both Brett & Christine are Enrolled Agents licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service and every state.

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